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The Street Side Guide to Urban Transit Fleets in Canada - the only comprehensive guide to current and preserved transit vehicles in the country. Eight editions have been published from 1993 to 2013.

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The Street Side Guide to Urban Transit Fleets in Canada

2013 Edition

2011 Edition

2009 Edition

2002/04 Edition

2000 Edition

1998 Edition

1995 Edition

1993 Edition

Back issues of The Bulletin newsletter

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The Bulletin newsletter CD - Volumes 16-21

Volume 16-21 CD

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2015 Edition

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1993 & 95


NOTE: Prices shown will be billed in Canadian dollars for Canadian customers and in U.S. Dollars for customers outside of Canada.

Back issues of The Bulletin newsletter - the quarterly publication of the Foundation. The newsletter is 8½ by 11 inches, printed on two sides and stapled. Until Volume 19, copies are generally black and white with some colour. From Volume 19 and on, the newsletter is magazine-style with four colour pages.

Volume 14, Number 1 is a special all-colour, 32 page, magazine format issue. The cost of this issue is $8.50. All other issues are $7.50 each, including postage.

Volumes 1 to 11 may be photocopies. Volume 12 and on are available in original format. Please contact the Foundation to order copies from Volumes 1 through 13.

Most of the photographs included in The Bulletin are originally in colour. Budget restrictions prevent us from printing all-colour issues, but now you can enjoy the full impact by ordering a CD that includes 24 issues (Volumes 16 through 21) and all the colour photographs!


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The Bulletin newsletter CD - Volumes 16-21

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