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"Pride and passion in Canada's transit heritage"
The quarterly newsletter of the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation containing contemporary and historical information and photographs related to Canadian urban transportation
Printed Issues of the Bulletin
The newsletter is 8½ by 11 inches, printed on two sides and stapled. Until Volume 19, copies are generally black and white with some colour. From Volume 20 and on, the newsletter is magazine-style with four colour pages. 
Volume 14, Number 1 is a special all-colour, 32 page, magazine format issue. The cost of this issue is $8.50. All other issues are $7.50 each, including postage. 
Volumes 1 to 11 may be photocopies. Volume 12 and on are available in original format. Please contact the Foundation to order copies from Volumes 1 through 19 or for more information.
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The Bulletin on CD
Most of the photographs included in The Bulletin are originally in colour. Budget restrictions prevent us from printing all-colour issues, but now you can enjoy the full impact by ordering a CD that includes 32 issues (Volumes 16 through 23) and all the colour photographs! Only $20 for CTHF members and $30 for non-members, postage included.
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